Sony Xperia Z5 vs Huawei Mate S: 5.2-inch slim octa-core with 23MP camera wrapped in metal and 5.5-inch octa-core with 2.5D screen and force touch

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News from: Eza Ezamie Page views: 165 times In the land of flagships where money is not an issue, we have two of the best in town with Sony Xperia Z5 and Huawei Mate S. Both have vastly different features and functions to suit different needs. And they do cost a lot. - Advertisement -
Earlier we have Sony releasing Xperia Z4v which was already a great device but they didn’t stop there. Here comes the Xperia Z5 which further improves it by a bit and has a more affordable pricing. We normally have the Xperia flagship series which carries with it the water-resistant feature up until now. For the first time, there will be a metal frame that further elevates its status as a premium flagship.
Whereas for the Mate S, it brings over Apple technology into Android territory. Inspired by the power of design and technology to touch lives, it is all about converging the latest tech all and pack it inside a smartphone. It turns out to be a great combination of beauty with interactivity and is made to arouse your senses to the maximum.
Now that we understand a bit about their background let’s get down to the details. As expected from the Xperia flagship, there’s the IP68 certification that makes the Xperia Z5 dust proof and water resistant over 1.5 meters and for 30 minutes. You will be able to carry it with you wherever you are on your adventure such as going on a vacation to the beach. All your worries about it getting damaged by water are not valid with this device. Plus it also comes with a scratch-resistant glass and oleophobic coating which further adds protection to an already solid metal body that it has. With a 146 x 72 x 7.3 mm (5.75 x 2.83 x 0.29 in) body which is pretty slim and weighing in at 154 g (5.43 oz), the Xperia Z5 exudes confidence, and it sure is stylish.
As for the Mate S, it also has an incredibly thin body at just 149.8 x 75.3 x 7.2 mm (5.90 x 2.96 x 0.28 in) which makes a difference. It also comes weighing in at 156 g (5.50 oz. Then there’s a fingerprint sensor built-in and to further protect your precious investment, the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 comes into the picture.
It all depends on preference, but between the two of them; I would go with Xperia Z5 with its IP68 protection and solid metal body.
Now let’s move on to the screen aspect of things. The Xperia Z5 is sporting a 5.2-inch Full HD IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen that displays 1080 x 1920 pixels or ~428 ppi pixel density. The resolution seems to be just nice for this for this screen size. To have a Quad HD resolution might just be overkill unless it was 5.5-inch and above. To sweeten the deal and make it even better, it benefits greatly from Sony’s television technology namely Triluminos display and X-Reality Engine. The outcome is years of research experience being ported beautifully into a much smaller display device and is looking fantastic as ever.
Meanwhile on the Mate S, the screen part is where all the amazing stuff begins. Having a 5.5-inch Full HD 1080 x 1920 pixels or ~401 ppi pixel density, you can say that it is pretty common for other flagships to have this screen size and resolution. But have you heard about 2.5D screen? What it means is that it now comes with a contoured glass screen with a seamless border, and that will give an elegant edge to the design and makes swiping gestures much easier with the smartphone.
What makes the Mate S even more unique is that it introduces a new way for you to connect with the smartphone. The next generation of interactive touch, which gives you a more personalized touch. There’s Fingerprint 2.0 which comes with Smart Fingerprint Sliding where the fingerprint sensor is being used to control your smartphone. Answer calls, take pictures, control brightness or browse pages without taking your finger off the sensor. Pretty cool right?
Then it has Knuckle 2.0 which for the first time lets you can use your knuckles to crop and edit images, record screen, and even open applications by drawing a letter on your screen with your knuckle. It will then open up the application instantly, at a high speed that you have never experienced before.
Next there’s the Force Touch Technology, which was first introduced by Apple. You can now unleash the true power of 3D touch whereby pressing harder will then make it zoom further, preview photos in the gallery or play games better. The possibilities are endless, and the future is limitless too, it is all up to you. Finally, there’s a feature that we don’t normally associate with smartphone that is to be used to weigh objects; just by placing stuffs on your phone’s screen and it will tell you how much it weighs. Surely you won’t be using it to weigh your body right?
It may seem like the Mate S has your run-of-the-mill specs for a 5-5-inch flagship, but it goes way beyond that. The new level of interactivity opens up a lot of other possibilities, and this alone makes it unique in a sense. It doesn’t just focus on beautifying the screen alone. But what about the performance then? - Advertisement -
Under the hood of the Xperia Z5 is the Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 chipset paired with an Octa-core processor comprising a Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 2 GHz Cortex-A57 processor, Adreno 430 graphics, and 3GB RAM.
Whereas on the Mate S, there’s the HiSilicon Kirin 935 chipset, an Octa-core processor comprising Quad-core 2.2 GHz & Quad-core 1.5 GHz, Mali-T628 MP4 graphics and 3GB RAM.
They both have amazing hardware, and it is tough to see any real-life difference between the two. The only thing missing is for both of them to have 4GB RAM, and life would be complete then.
Camera-wise is where the Xperia Z5 excels. With a crazy 23 Megapixel primary camera with 5520 х 4140 pixels, phase detection autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, HDR, and panorama, you can be sure of taking close to professional quality pictures. There’s nothing that could come close to what the Xperia Z5 can offer (perhaps only Lumia can rival them?) in terms of quality for a smartphone camera. With its Hybrid Autofocus, it is the best camera phone that is a master of speed and accuracy. With five times more powerful image zoom, Xperia Z5 can capture even your most fleeting moments.
Then we have Mate S with its 13MP-8MP camera combination that is not bad by the way. There’s the Professional Mode, which for the first time, gives a smartphone camera that is capable of providing a professional photography experience. You can now control aspects like shutter speed, exposure, and light saturation to give your pictures a very professional and distinctive look. Then there’s also the sapphire camera lens that is extremely scratch resistant and lets in more light to enhance camera performance. Blessed with real-time black and white filter, you can easily create iconic images with the following three settings: Mountain Road, Neutral Density Gray and Black and White. Even for selfies, other than having an 8 Megapixel camera, there’s also a pre-positioned soft light and a brand-new skin beautifying algorithm that gives you the power to create the best selfie photo possible.
Therefore, if you want the best in terms of camera – Xperia Z5 is it. Next we take a closer look at their storage capacity.
On the Xperia Z5, the 32GB internal storage awaits you and it should be able to cater for all of your high-resolution photos. If you find that it is not enough, you can then add in a microSD slot up to a maximum of 200GB. This should be able to last you for months or even a year before you have to start transferring some of the data inside of it.
As for the Mate S, there are three options for you to choose from, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. You can then expand it further with a microSD slot up to a maximum of 128GB – at the expense of the 2 nd sim slot.
Battery-wise, the Xperia Z5 is being powered by a non-removable Li-Ion 2900 mAh battery. It might seem a little but then you find that it has fast battery charging (Quick Charge 2.0) which can go all the way up to 60% with just 30 minutes of charging or a full day of power in just 45 minutes.
Even the Mate S fared a bit worse. By having a rather smallish non-removable 2700 mAh battery to supply the necessary juice to it, you might find that you run out of battery more often than not. Just standby a power bank in case you are running out of battery life.
Other features that the Mate S has is Smart Recording, where there are three microphones which helps you to identify individual voices and sounds that enables a clearer recording with minimal background noise. With Document Correction, there is no need to feel bothered anymore when the document in the photo you just take is rotated. The Document Correction will adjust the angle of the document automatically and smartly on screen. Finally with Smart Wireless Printing, it lets you to just touch the documents on your screen and print them directly with compatible printers. - Advertisement -
The Sony Xperia Z5 is all about amazing hardware, amazing camera and amazingly good looks as well. To make it even more amazing, go on ahead to bring it on your water adventure and you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged.
Set to be released in the coming weeks, the stage is set for Huawei Mate S to make its presence known. New technology is the name of the game for this amazing phablet. Enabling new ways for you to interact with the device opens up a whole lot of other possibilities that we never thought possible. Combine that with amazing hardware and you get the right recipe for a flagship with a difference.
Sony Xperia Z5 is currently available for approximately $550 Pound or ~$839 USD. It is available in White, Graphite Black, Gold, and Green.
The Huawei Mate S will be available very soon for approximately $469 Pound or ~729 USD. It will be available in Luxurious Gold, Mystic Champagne, and Titanium Grey. News From